Labrador Retriever 3D Car Sticker

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Size: 13x9cm


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Welcome to buy our car stickers, we can customize stickers of any size, and will not include anypromotional materials,
if necessary
, please click to contact me

Pet Dog Labrador Retriever 3D Torn Car Sticker Original Design Vinyl Car Trunk Bumper Decor Custom Scratch-Proof Decal KK13x9cm

Decorate your car with personalized car decal, which made to a personlized look of your car

The car decal is durable to heat and sunlight, so it's not faded at least for years

Material:High quality PVC  environmental protection material,waterproof sunscreen,not fade

We suggest you buy 3 stickers or even more:
1. Enjoy a much lower unit price.Click to receive coupon

2. Stickers can be pasted on the surface of objects such as mountain bikes, motorcycles,
refrigerators,bumpers, laptops, doors, refrigerators, toilet seats, etc...

3. Stickers can be used as holiday gifts for friends or family

Color:As the pictures show
Size: S / M / L
Package Includes:
1 x  Pet Dog Labrador Retriever 3D Torn Car Sticker Original Design Vinyl Car Trunk Bumper Decor Custom Scratch-Proof Decal KK13x9cm

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