Dachshund Printed Handbag Women Grocery Bag

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Color: hl1285 Corgi

hl1285 Corgi
hl1286 Corgi
hl1287 Corgi
hl1288 Corgi
hl1289 Corgi
hl1290 Corgi
hl0159 Dachshund
hl0176 Dachshund
hl1296 Dachshund
hl1524 Dachshund
hl1527 Dachshund
hl1529 Dachshund
hl1531 Dachshund
hl1526 Dachshund
hl1291 Dachshund
hl1283 Corgi
hl1284 Corgi
hl1292 Dachshund
hl1293 Dachshund
hl1294 Dachshund
hl1295 Dachshund
hl1242 Cat
hl1244 Cat
hl1305 Cat
hl1306 Cat
hl1297 Cat
hl1300 Cat
hl1534 Cat
hl1299 Cat
hl1508 Pug
hl1509 Pug
hl0214 Cat
hl1247 Cat
hl1246 Cat
hl1245 Cat
hl1243 Cat
hl1241 Cat
hl1502 Pug
hl1500 Pug
hl1501 Pug
hl1503 Pug
hl1504 Pug
hl1505 Pug
hl1506 Pug
hl1507 Pug
hl1511 Corgi
hl1512 Corgi
hl1525 Dachshund
hl1528 Dachshund
hl1530 Dachshund
hl1532 Dachshund
hl1533 Dachshund
hl1510 Pug
hl1298 Cat
hl0529 Cat
hl1537 Cat

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Cartoon Cute Dachshund Printed Handbag Women High Capacity Travel Shoulder Bag Animal Shopping Bag Ladies Reusable Grocery Bag

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Zipper closure
LIGHT WEIGHT AND LARGE CAPACITY:Our tote bag , super-soft fabric, expand to hold a considerable load definitely will take usual purse contents, iPads, phone, a print-book or two, magazines, umbrella, make up,etc.. It can be used as a beach bag, overnight bag, carry to the pool or beach
WITH ZIPPERS:Our tote bag has a main closure, as well as a small inner pocket.can put mobile phone, wallet and other valuables
WATERPROOF: Our tote bag is rain proof, with a zipper and made from a lightweight material that repels water for a short period of time
EASY TO CARRY: The fabric is soft and thinner material but sturdy, foldable and easy to carry, when you go shopping or travel.
THE COLORS ARE BRIGHT: The tote bag use the latest printing process, The quality of the pattern is very high, make the tote stylish,you will love it. Many Cute designs,best gifts for women and girls.

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